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Michigan 3-Hour Implicit Bias Training for Dentists

Michigan 3-Hour Implicit Bias Training for Dentists

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Meet  Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) requirements for implicit bias training with three CE credits, just for dentists.

This course bundle meets meets Michigan state-mandated healthcare licensing requirements for implicit bias continuing education. You will earn 3 CE credit hours from the American Dental Association (ADA) upon completion.

This implicit bias training bundle for dentists and other oral clinicians includes:

  • Three comprehensive 1-hour online implicit bias courses designed for self-paced study. 
  • Engaging design featuring videos, animation, and interactive Q&A.
  • Real-life case studies, hands-on practice scenarios, and immersive activities.

You'll get three premium implicit bias courses designed specifically for healthcare workers:

  1. Recognizing and Responding to Implicit Bias
  2. ResCUE Model for Cross-Cultural Care in Oral Health
  3. Advancing Racial Health Equity and Addressing Bias

Improve health equity with three hours of implicit bias awareness training  

Meet your Michigan LARA requirements with a rich and engaging learning experience that provides relevant job skills. 

  • Acquire a profound understanding of implicit bias and its impact in a healthcare setting.
  • Equip yourself with actionable tools and strategies to mitigate implicit bias in your practice.
  • Understand the challenge of structural biases in healthcare.
  • Earn a Certificate of Completion, digital badge, and CE credit hours.
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