Collection: Oregon Board of Dentistry (OBD)

Satisfy your 2-hour CCCE requirement in Oregon with our value-priced cultural competency bundle or by choosing from our listing of 1-hour courses, fully approved by OHA and accredited by ADA CERP for Oregon Board of Dentistry licensees.
  • Oregon Board of Dentistry licensees

    In 2019, the Oregon Legislature mandated cultural competency continuing education (CCCE) for healthcare professionals starting July 1, 2021. Under the requirement, Oregon Board of Dentistry licensees must complete CCCE as a condition of licensure. Licensees must complete two hours of cultural competency education every renewal cycle.

    Our Cultural Competency in Oral Healthcare bundle provides you with two ADA CERP credit hours to easily help you satisfy your 2-hour requirement. Or choose from our listing of ADA CERP accredited 1-hour courses to build your own journey!

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